Animals Asia

Shop to Donate now Animals Asia is devoted to ending bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals across Asia. Animals Asia promotes compassion

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Sea Shepherd

Shop to Donate now Sea Shepherd was founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson in Vancouver, Canada, with a mission to protect and conserve all

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Galgos De Casa

Shop to Donate now Our main objective is the rescue and physical and mental recovery of abused and/or abandoned greyhounds, so that we can find

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Shop to Donate now ADAANA (Association for the Defense and Help of Abandoned Animals) is a non-profit association , legally founded on February 1, 2008. ADAANA was born with

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Shop to Donate now After volunteering for 5 years at an animal rescue charity Carl & Anita Hooper decided to start their own dog rescue/rehoming

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Darna Animal Rescue

Shop to Donate now D.A.R.N.A Animal Rescue is a NO KILL sanctuary in Carlet, Spain, run 100% by volunteers. We defend and support abandoned, abused, and

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Donkey Dreamland

Shop to Donate now Donkey Dreamland provides a home for donkeys free from pain and suffering, surrounded by people who offer love and respect in

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Paws Patas

Shop to Donate now Our activities were started by a group of enthusiastic volunteers in 1989 We became registered as a charity in Spain in

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Mi Moana

Shop to Donate now We are a non-profit, ocean loving organisation founded in Mijas-Costa, registered at the Junta de Andalusia.Our mission is to inspire others

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APAA Nerja

Shop to Donate now APAA Nerja is a registered animal rescue charity whose goal is to rescue and rehome abandoned and abused dogs and cats

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112 Carlota Galgos

112 Carlota Galgos is a non-profit association launched in 2012 which works for the protection of the Spanish Greyhound, the Galgo. Based in Andalucía, Spain,

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Fundacion El Hogar

shop to donate now The Lands of PeaceIn the lands of the sanctuary, all the animals enjoy semi-freedom to develop their own personality, far from

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Message from our founder Garry

Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit We have hundreds of charities signed up and we will be getting them all live on our website very soon but for now we have a select few to to do a short test to make sure everything is running ok, but please if you know a charity, NGO, school or house of worship that would benefit from our shop to donate platform please register them using the button below .

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