Donkey Dreamland

Donkey Dreamland provides a home for donkeys free from pain and suffering, surrounded by people who offer love and respect in a calm and tranquil setting.

Throughout history donkeys have served us well, worked hard and have, at times, been abused. Donkey Dreamland aims to restore their dignity, whilst providing support and understanding of their plight through education and interaction.


Unfortunately there is seemingly a never ending requirement for donkeys to be rescued or helped and for as long as we have the space and the resources, we will never turn away a donkey in need. Often we provide medical assistance, treatment and education to the owners in situ as sometimes providing continuous financial support is better than simply taking the donkey to the sanctuary. This is particularly relevant where financial problems or old age or illness of the owners have caused the issues, rather than blatant neglect or abuse. Often when we place our rescued donkeys in new Forever Homes, we continue to contribute to their costs. This is because a loving environment is more important than financial means.


We also happy to provide help, normally in the form of advice and assistance, to other donkey rescue organisations throughout the world, because whilst most people in most countries treat animals with the love and respect they deserve, there are too many situations where this is not the case.

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