Fundacion El Hogar

The Lands of Peace
In the lands of the sanctuary, all the animals enjoy semi-freedom to develop their own personality, far from the mistreatment they have suffered themselves or their kind. Home is a place of peace and tranquility where you can live happily in the company of other animals.

Both residents and volunteers work hard to enable the different animal parks, providing them with safe spaces full of details that meet their needs, with the aim of making them happy in what is their home. The experience accumulated over all these years helps us to create the most appropriate space for each species and each individual.

The changes, both physical and mental, that occur in the inhabitants of El Hogar are the best guarantee that we are doing things right and that we are giving them all the attention they deserve.

We want you to know every corner that we have created with so much love and dedication, here there are no cages but places of protection.

Thank you for your invaluable help.

The El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation is the non-profit NGO that created the first animal sanctuary in Spain more than fourteen years ago.

We are all activists and we want to improve this world, especially for the most disadvantaged who, currently by number, are animals.
Since then, we have kept our basic pillars intact with the aim of achieving a fairer and healthier society for all animals (human and non-human).
These pillars are built on the basis of:
» defending the rights of all animals,
» promoting veganism as a way of life and
» supporting all those groups that, in one way or another, are rejected or mistreated in our current society.


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