MACS (Mojacar Area Cancer Support)

What is MACS
We are a friendly group formed of cancer patients, survivors, supporters and volunteers offering support to all individuals and families of all nationalities affected by cancer in the Almeria region of Spain.

What We Do
From the moment you’re diagnosed, through your treatment plan and beyond. We are there to help and support you and your loved ones by offering a range of services, emotional support and monthly meetings in the company of other people who understand what you are going through.

MACS (Mojacar Area Cancer Support) provide help, care & support for people with cancer related disorders. MACS is a registered charity and as such, are totally dependent upon external support/donations and also the commitment of our volunteers. The group continue to raise much needed funds for the immediate and future medical requirements of patients. There are numerous companies and individuals who have supported and contributed to MACS, enabling the Group to provide much needed help during often very traumatic times.

MACS is your local cancer support charity. We are a fully registered and fully transparent association. All donations can be seen on our website under the donations tab that is updated weekly and the full amount of money that we currently have in our savings account is for all to view in the Mojacar shop shown on a large scale thermometer in the window.

MACS has been helping cancer patients and their families for over 10 years in the Almeria area. During those years the services we offer have grown and we have supported and helped over 600 patients and their families in that time. While the shops and the wonderful volunteers are incredible in their support and generosity, people do not recognise that MACS is working daily with patients.

MACS is not just a fundraising tool, but we are a frontline charity trying to make the journey for our patients and their families as easy as possible. Nobody should fight this battle alone but unfortunately many people are and MACS are here to be with you through it all. We would not be able to offer help if it wasn’t for the generous public and the amazing local communities. MACS are forever grateful for the continued support and considerate donations.

All donations made to the group go towards helping our patients of today and any money left over by the end of the year gets put in to our savings account. The reason we choose to save our money is because we have an end goal that we one day hope to reach. That goal would be to have our own fully operational Hospice in the Almeria region of Spain.

This area of Spain is in need of a hospice to care and focus on keeping patients as comfortable as possible and allowing them and their family members to remain together in the comfort and dignity of safe surroundings. We hope to one day achieve our dream of having our very own up and running hospice with a team of medical and health care professionals, who address all aspects of a patients cancer illness with importance on controlling and reducing pain and any discomfort. A hospice will reduce the stress and ease family anxiety knowing that their loved one has 24h care, from companionship to their favourite food.

The most important element of MACS’s future hospice is to completely respect a patients wishes. This is an essential component of hospice care allowing families to focus on what really matters instead of the extensive procedures of a hospital environment by spending quality and precious time concentrating on things that are important to them.

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