Clean Ocean Project

We are an NGO committed to clean the ocean waves and beaches of Fuerteventura.

3 aspects of Clean Ocean Project show the goals to make Fuerteventura a clean environment :

Playa Pallet

– Our approach is simple, we are driven by the idea that everybody is part of the problem – and the solution. Do your bit, be part of it. This is where “playa pallet” comes into play. Playa Pallet is a wooden beach bin made out of recycled materials. It is placed all over the island of Fuerteventura to nudge and motivate people to do beach cleanings daily. When picking up the trash you find on the beach you prevent it from washing back into the ocean, entangling wildlife, and breaking into microplastics.

Clean Business

– We know that used for a few minutes, single-use bags, plastic bottles, food containers and food wrappers are the four most widespread items polluting our seas. This is a sad result of a throw away mentality that needs to change. That is why we started Clean Business, a certification given to companies committed to reduce their plastic footprint and make sustainability part of the menu. A Clean Business is one that aims to eliminate single-use plastic and chooses sustainability over convenience. This means No Styrofoam , No take away single-use plastic, no plastic bags, No plastic straws, No beverages in plastic bottles and a general reduction on the daily waste. Become part of the change!

No Hay Pajitas / the clean straw project

– Plastic straws are among the fifth most common waste found on Spanish beaches. With The Clean Straw Project we created a simple approach to taget this problem locally. We visit local bars and restaurants, asking them to sign a compromise contract with the environment. By signing the contract, they would promise to never use plastic straws again. We informed them about alternatives like reusable bamboo straws, paper straws, or simply no straws.

In these past 20 years we have engaged ourselves to clean the beaches: 1000+ volunteers have joined our actions, 100,000+ kg of trash have been collected at our clean ups over the years and we look forward more motivating numbers in the future.


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