Wild and Stone - Compostable dish cloths 4pk

The Swedish dishcloth is an incredible and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional synthetic sponge or microfibre cleaning cloth.

These cloths can be used all around the house, on bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops, dishes and everyday spills. These dishcloths are made in Sweden to create a top-quality, authentic product.

Traditional cloths and sponges are made from plastics and cannot be recycled or composted. Millions of microplastics from cloths have also found their way into oceans and into the stomachs of our wildlife.

They’re hygienic, reusable, and fully biodegradable, created from 70% FSC certified cellulose (natural wood fibre) and 30% waste cotton. The pack contains 4 different colours, which are handy to identify which cloth you use for where in the home. No more mixing up the dishcloth with the bathroom cloth.

Why make the swap?
Most common household sponges and cloths usually only last a couple of weeks before they’re thrown away, contributing to plastic pollution for hundreds of years before breaking down into microplastics. They are also commonly made with nasty chemicals such as petroleum, bleach, and sulphates.


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Care Instructions
Dishwasher and washing machine safe. These cloths can be washed up to 90 degrees Celsius.
Avoid the drier, line dry this cloth.
Once you are finished with the cloth, you can cut it into strips and place the in your household compost bin.

These cloths can absorb up to 15 times their own weight, clean up food and drink spills like a charm, and don’t leave streaks behind on windows or appliances. Once the cloth is dirty, you can easily throw it into your dishwasher or washing machine and it is like new again


Made from 70% cellulose from FSC-marked forest and 30% waste cotton
Made in Sweden

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Recyclable eco-friendly card packaging
Biodegradable & Compostable
Vegan & Cruelty-Fre
7.2 x 20 cm

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