Multipurpose compostable Sponge

These cellulose sponges are an amazing eco-friendly swap you can add to your cleaning routine. There are so many reasons to add compostable products to the list of things we use in our homes, and cleaning products are definitely one of the most important as we tend to use them incredibly frequently, and also discard them routinely. Choose a plastic-free sponge instead that is made with fully natural materials instead of plastic.

Set of 2 eco-friendly sponges
Made with 100% cellulose (wood pulp)
Multi-purpose: great for the kitchen, the bathroom, and any other area of the house that needs a spruce up.

Dehydrated: we have sucked all the air out of each of our sponges to decrease their volume so that their carbon footprint when shipped is even lower! Simply soak it in water before the first use and just like by magic, it will grow in volume!

Come naked, with no packaging at all!
Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

They are also great for cleaning the bathroom, including shower, bathtub, and ceramic surfaces.

Once your sponge is all used up, cut it into small pieces and pop it in your compost. It will naturally biodegrade.

This compostable sponge comes with no packaging at all. Zero waste is our motto!


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How to use

Before the first use, run each sponge under water, that will hydrate them and will make them grow in thickness and size

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