PAOS - Ice mint toothpaste tablets

PAOS’s ice mint flavour refill pack delivers extra fresh breath and a clean mouth feeling. They are certified organic (Cosmos Organic Label) and 100% of their ingredients are natural in origin.  Packaged in a paper sachet and compostable should be recycled with other paper waste and biodegradable if it happens to end up in the ocean.

You can reuse your existing PAOS glass toothpaste tablet pot or any little container you have handy at home.

Made in France


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How to use

Chew on a tablet.
Brush your teeth as usual.
Smile :)
From 7 years of age. Do not swallow. To be used under adult supervision.


Xylitol: Derived from plants, it reduces the risk of getting cavities by neutralising the bacteria that attacks dental enamel.
Calcium carbonate: Removes plaque and remineralises teeth.
Natural extra strong glacial mint flavour: guaranteeing fresh breath :)
Xanthan gum: Natural gelling agent, gives the tablet a pleasant consistency.
Glyceryl behenate: a vegetable fat that holds all these ingredients together!
Glutamate Thesioactive: a very mild surfactant with medium foaming properties.
Citric acid: Comes from citrus fruit, it reacts with calcium carbonate and saliva to create small bubbles of carbon dioxide that help to eliminate left-over food deposited in your teeth.
Contains Fluoride: concentration 0.05% or 500 ppm.

Product details

125 tablets – two months supply refill pack
Fight against dental plaque.
Strengthen and remineralise teeth.
They leave you with fresh pleasant breath.

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